What Home Repairs Give You The Most Value… 

… and how to repair your house to sell fast!  Want to sell your property for top dollar?  House in shambles but you want to sell? Well, Revive Real Estate, LLC is going to give you the low-down on making repairs and remodels to help you sell your property for the highest dollar possible. Because … Continued

How to sell a vacant house for top dollar

Do you have an unwanted property sitting vacant, “deteriorating” away?  Maybe windows have been smashed, the interior trashed, and code enforcement notices are piling up?  In either case, I want to show you how to sell a vacant property quickly and hassle-free — while still getting the most dollar for its value.  First off, let’s … Continued

How to sell a house quickly and hassle-free with tenants

You’ve spent years collecting rent, and now you want to sell that property. But there’s a problem!  The tenants are still inside and you don’t know what to do.  The good news is you have choices… the bad news is…. You have many choices, which can make decision-making difficult. So, as property owners ourselves we’ve … Continued

6 Little-Known Ways To Stop Foreclosure In Its Tracks

Life happens. And everyone goes through a time in life when there’s a hardship that might cause financial obstacles.  Whether you’ve hit a “bump” on the road with paying your mortgage, or you’ve lost your job, or some other financial distress — it doesn’t matter — we want to help you and give you ALL … Continued

A New Way To Sell Your Property At Top Price, Effortlessly!

With No Low-Ball-Investor Offers…  Dear homeowner,  If you’re reading this right now, it’s probably because you’ve already been presented with our brand new “Equity Protection Program”.  Here’s the recap of it:  You pay for no extra costs — We agree and sign to a net price. This is the NET amount you’ll receive (before debt … Continued